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This "Cookies Policy" has been prepared, based on an external audit, and is subject to periodic updates. The purpose is to help you understand the use of this website for cookies, the completion of the cookies used, as well as the options available for its management. has developed this cookie to inform you that it is a cookie, that we use on this website and to help you manage them according to your interests.

With your first visit to our website, you are informed about the existence of cookies and our current cookie policy. In future visits you can consult our cookies policy at any time in the lower section of the "Cookies Policy" web page.

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1. General information about cookies:

A 'Cookie' is a small text file that is stored in the user's browser. Cookies facilitate the use and navigation of the website and are essential for the functioning of the Internet, contributing to advances in the provision of interactive services.

The cookies are used, for example, to manage the user's session (reduce the number of tracks that have included the password) or to load the web quota to the user's preferences.

Cookies can be 'session cookies', so the user will leave the page or 'persistent', which are assigned to the computer during a certain period of time or for a purpose for which the user deletes them.

The primary ones are the most important that are required of the user's computer of a computer or domain managed by hotelmirallac. com, among which are those companies that are companies that are dedicated to the management of the user of a computer or domain managed by suppliers hired by hotelmirallac. com, for example.

The use of this website with the navigation functionality enabled to accept cookies implies acceptance by the user of the cookie technology used by this website.

2. Cookies that install this website:

Technical cookies for internal use

This website uses cookies for internal use that are essential for the operation of the website, such as, for example, allowing authentication or maintenance of the session of the registered user who is browsing the website. The deactivation of these cookies prevents the correct functioning of some of the functionalities of the website.

Analytical cookies

This website uses analytical cookies to obtain statistics about the activity of users on the website and about its general activity. The information obtained allows us to optimize the navigation of our website and guarantee the best service to the user, with information such as the number of pages visited, the language used, the frequency and recurrence of the visits, the visit time or the browser used, among others. The user can exclude his activity through the systems provided by the analytical or mathematical analysis of the configuration of his browser.

2. Cookies that install this website:

Social network cookies

Our website incorporates spaces where we have included social buttons so that users can share our continuities in them. It is recommended that all users review the privacy and cookies conditions of each social network in which they share content, in their own cases, that the privacy parameters in each of them are modified to limit the tracking endpoints that may occur. low.

3. Guarantee and options about cookies:

The user can restrict, block or delete cookies from any website, using his browser. Each browser is different, so you can check the following links to know how to use it:

· Internet Explorer:

· FireFox:

· Safari:

Per a més informació sobre l’eliminació, deshabilitació o bloqueig de les cookies també pot visitar:

The user can activate:

Private browsing, with which the browser allows you to save browsing history, passwords of websites and other information of the pages you visit, or the non-tracking function, for which the browser requires websites that do not track Your browsing habits, for example, serve for the advertising of the website.

We recommend that you check your browser's help to be informed of the different cookie management options. Be aware that blocking cookies may affect all or some of the functions of the website.